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Value & Quality


Committed Experts You Can Trust


CoreTechs is led by senior people with vast staffing and recruiting expertise.   In addition to its technical staffing and RaaS services, CoreTechs has a syndicate of partners and joint ventures to assist you in scaling your people and skills whether in source or outsource, contract or permanent hires. We find the talent that fits your culture, at tremendous savings.


Nationwide for Your Needs


155,000 vetted candidates in our nationwide database near you. Find an expert that is right for your organization.


Contract Staffing

for Skills & Quality


We’ve interviewed, checked references, validated salary range, and even done background screening on candidates to save you time and effort. Our technical recruiters are technical themselves; our finance recruiters are accountants and bookkeepers. 


Administrative staff available within 6 hours for your urgent needs. 

RaaS - Recruiting as a Service

Your dedicated recruiter, finding talent that fits your culture, with no placement fees! 

We provide a dedicated recruiter, who comes equipped with premiere recruiting tools and job postings, all to be used on your behalf. You have flexibility to use what you need. This saves a tremendous amount of capital, and time! 

Recruiting Services

to Build Teams


We source and recruit the high-quality individual or team you need. Utilizing our large, nationwide, proprietary database, and our expertise in finding talented people, we will get you the right person for your role.


“CoreTechs is my go to agency. No matter the location where we have a need they have found fantastic people. I know I can count on them.”

- Craig

VP, Rambus



“When I need someone, I can count on CoreTechs finding the right person, easily and quickly and at the best rate. I really do count on them and consider them a top vendor for us.”

- Rob

Vendor, Relation Director, Verisign



“I really enjoy working with CoreTechs. They know what they are doing and they do it very well.”

- Betty

Staffing Director, National City Corp



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