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Passion & Community


CoreTechs is headquartered in Silicon Valley, which is famous for being the cradle of innovation, but it’s also famous for great places to ride and legendary group rides.   The “Nooner” and Spectrum rides have been riding past iconic Valley locations for 20 years;  they’ve sported world champion cyclists, venture capitalists, CEOs of companies big and small, and everyone in between. CoreTechs has been a part of this vibrant community for many years, on the bike and off. 


We believe in teamwork, both at CoreTechs Personnel and within our cycling team. It is the goal of the team to work together for better results, not as individuals with individual goals. Working together we can achieve much more than we ever could alone.

Working super hard to achieve well thought out goals is the bedrock of CoreTechs, both in our sporting life and work. We also don't take ourselves too seriously and realize, you need to have fun as well. Life is too short to not appreciate and enjoy all it has to offer!

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